MINI EV First Time Buyer's Guide

2024 MINI Electric Hardtop SE Charging

MINI is an iconic brand that makes an instant impression on anyone who sees one of these classic vehicles. They zig, zag, and look fantastic. Now you’ve got two more outstanding reasons to invest in a new MINI to enhance every Evesham Township drive. We have one pure EV and one plug-in hybrid (PHEV) on our lot in Mount Laurel. 

Find out all of the information you need with our MINI EV first-time buyer’s guide. 



4 Things to Consider When Buying a MINI Electric Car

Shopping for a MINI electric vehicle is a bit different from shopping for a vehicle with an internal combustion engine because you’ll have a few additional things to think about. We’ll go over what to look for in an EV in detail.

  • Overall Cost of EV Ownership

Owning a MINI EV gives you the opportunity to reduce your overall costs of vehicle ownership versus a gasoline-powered model. You won’t need oil changes and some other fluid changes because there are fewer moving parts. However, you’ll need to keep an eye on the tires and brakes. The extra weight of an EV battery can cause tires and brakes to wear down a bit more rapidly. 

You can have an electrician install a special home charger to make charging in your Cherry Hill garage much easier. You could charge your MINI Electric overnight while you sleep. But this is still cheaper than gasoline!

You might need DC Fast Charging at a public station at some point. That could cost you money as well, but in general, it’s lower than gas prices. Even charging at peak times can be less expensive than heading to a gas station with your new MINI.

  • Electric Vehicle Range

The overall range between charges is a huge consideration for MINI EV owners in Hamilton Township. Luckily, MINI’s lone EV gets plenty of range when you go for weekend getaways to your favorite destination and summer road trips with your family.

The 2024 MINI Electric gives you 114 miles of range on a single charge. You can reach an 80% charge in 36 minutes with DC Fast Charging at public stations. You can easily reach other big cities along interstate highways on summer vacations when you want to travel far from home.

Meanwhile, the 2024 MINI Countryman plug-in hybrid (PHEV) gives you 17 miles of all-electric range once you leave your house. You can commute with just electricity if you’re within range of your workplace. Once the battery power runs out, you’ll travel on gasoline just fine. 

  • Map Out Public Charging Locations Near Mount Laurel

To make range anxiety a thing of the past, we recommend mapping out your drives and where you can find charging stations along the way. You can find these with your vehicle’s navigation system and the MINI app. 

Prices will vary at these stations because electricity costs fluctuate like the cost of gasoline. Also, take into account how often you’ll use the air conditioner or heater because those run on electricity from the EV battery. Extremely hot or extremely cold temperatures may reduce the range of your MINI EV.

However, major cities and well-traveled interstate highways have plenty of charging stations for you to use for long road trips. No matter where you travel, the electrical infrastructure has your back.

  • Battery Warranty for EVs

The battery warranty shows you how long you can expect your EV powerplant will last before it starts showing its age. Your battery should last for nearly 10 years! In general, the battery becomes less effective when it can’t keep up to 80% of its charge on a regular basis. 

MINI has an 8-year, 100,000-mile warranty on the battery for the EV and an 8-year, 80,000-mile warranty on the PHEV. If the battery requires replacement before this time, the automaker will replace it according to warranty specifications.

Test Drive Your New MINI EV in Mount Laurel

Now that you know what to look for in an EV, it’s time to experience one of these zippy vehicles by slipping into the driver’s seat. Contact us or call (856) 394-5575 to schedule a test drive with our team. We’re happy to help in any way we can as you shop for your new EV!

Contact us today for details. 


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