Calling all adrenaline junkies, speed freaks, "Karters" and those whose passion is pushing their limits from the ordinary to the extraordinary! MINI has created the startling MINI John Cooper Works Concept. A car that screams fun fueled energy at the top of its lungs. Conceived with city streets in mind but born on the circuit, this track focused racer is made to set pulses racing, adrenaline pumping and thrill seekers living out their dreams of speed.

Possibly MINI's highest performance version yet, the racer plays to its exceptional and illustrious heritage, coming directly from the stables of John Cooper Works.

Embedded in that heritage is one of racing's most intimate connections in motor sports, a team with decades of experience, who invest oil, sweat and tears to create iconic machines - through innovative design, intensive track testing, a legion of checkered flag wins and a pure love of speed. MINI's motor racing genes take the iconic MINI 3-Door Hatch and re-imagine it into a machine built for those who yearn for speedways and winding paths. Its "bulldog" positioned outer edge wheel placement is made for dealing with cornering and tight bends deftly, turning the dial up on the MINI's thrill for maximum effect and maximum fun.

MINI John Cooper Works Concept is a boundary-pushing car that challenges all preconceptions about size and power. This sleek and compact machine sports a brooding exterior - hovering low to the ground with a "means business" attitude. Chassis color choices of High Speed Orange, Curbside Red and Black Jack Anthracite reflect its no nonsense, high performance spirit. Tinted windows keep light conditions even, while the deep grill in the aerodynamic hood scoop sucks in air to keep the engine revving at the ideal temperature and the brakes in peak condition.

The interior speaks the language of speed from the moment you open the door. Its stark, white paint floor finish and dropping of excess baggage in the removal of back seats, screams stripped back, "no holds barred" racing efficiency. The no frills, no spills exposed roll cage adds to the energy of fun without boundaries, while a pair of low-mounted bucket seats signal dynamic, driving performance and in-control precision. Buckle up! This is MINI made for the few… who's in?

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