Urban mobility is deeply rooted in MINI's DNA. And the MINI driving experience epitomizes urban mobility at its very best. Electric driving is the natural next step - and we harness its power to electrify everyday life on the road.

The MINI Electric Concept combines MINI's inventive spirit, creative use of space and iconic design with the exciting new possibilities electricity offers. Our vision for electric mobility is designed to complement vibrant city life - and maximize your driving experience into MINI's electric future. It fuses distinctive MINI design with modern, aerodynamically streamlined design contours - while its closed front grille and silver-yellow color scheme exhibit a style that is uniquely its own.

Sporty yet sustainable, this is MINI at its most intense - yet still unmistakably MINI. It's one powerful evolutionary step and strikes an optimal balance between agility, everyday utility and sustainability. The MINI Electric Concept is the perfect fusion of technology and feeling.

MINI is going electric but we're keeping everything you love about our cars and the driving experience that comes with them - and adding a whole new dimension. Embrace the electric lifestyle. Switch on to a different style of urban mobility. This is just the beginning.

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